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Areas of Practice

Civil, Contracts and Real Estate

The Firm has the disposition and experience to meet all the needs of its clients according to their position in the contractual relationship, so that their interests are protected.
Regarding real estate matters, our practice includes different aspects of the management of real estate projects, from the study of property titles, verification of zoning conditions and authorization, management of legal procedures for the construction of buildings, obtaining permits for the development of projects, among others, and the notarial and registry processing of all related issues.

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Rodolfo Miranda M.
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Marcela Valverde G.
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Our services

  • Advice in the negotiation, preparation and implementation of different obligatory clauses for each specific item or situation.
  • Strategic advice and preparation of liability analysis cases for each specific situation.
  • Advice on inheritance law.
  • Advice on the design, constitution and registration of associations, foundations and committees.
  • Advice on the preparation, drafting, registration and execution of contracts of sale, donation, exchange, lease, usufruct and surface.
  • Advice on the preparation, drafting and execution of works contracts.
  • Advice on the preparation, drafting and registration of mortgage contracts.

  • Advice on the preparation, drafting and registration of security trusts.
  • Study of the legal situation of the properties.
  • Advice and execution of the management of legal procedures for the construction of buildings.
  • Obtaining permits and licenses.
  • Management and processing of procedures for the accumulation and independence of plots of land.
  • Advising and execution of the legal reorganization of real estate title deeds.
  • Advising on the registration of the factory declaration, internal regulations, board of owners, among others.
  • Advice and processing of property regularization procedures: acquisitive prescription, supplementary title, among others.


The members of our team have extensive experience in the negotiation and preparation of contracts of all types, have participated in various projects of real estate management, real estate due diligence, legal reorganization of real estate, obtaining licenses, permits and the respective notary and registry procedures.

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